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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, the nerve.

Okay, first thing's first. I'm going to reply to the comments from my last post -- here goes:

Hoping for more - the intuitive eating has been going GREAT!! I'm barely eating solids and when I feel hungry, I help myself to as much diet pepsi, tea, or water as I please. And, you're welcome for the link =)

Lola Anais - I agree! I feel like some of the author's sincerity is missing but I feel as though this book is more about the message it contains as opposed to being some masterpiece literature or something, lol.

Peri - glad you love spearmint too! shows that you have great taste ;)

Audri - your welcome for the link! I totally do the intuitive eating while attending class too! It's way easier to do during the school year as opposed to doing it in the summer!

Margg - another spearmint lover, sweet! And thank you dear =)

Sarah - thank you!

Adelle - agree with every word!

Sam - your welcome, and thank you!

Believe lose - agreed! Thanks for the comment.

Thank you once again ladies for taking the time to comment!

Now, this post is about fat girls who think they're ALL THAT!
Honestly, I have nothing personal against fat people. I have many friends who are overweight and that's fine. BUT, I do have an issue with those fat girls who have the AUDACITY to give you attitude and be absolutely rude and dispicable. I see these girls all the time at work. They come in, and are so obnoxious when they order, as if they own the damn place. On top of that, they're rather well dressed, but in clothes that are about 10 sizes too small for them making them look desperate and frumpy. But, as if blind to the reality of their appearance, they carry on with their prissy attitudes and makeup and hairdo's fit for America's Next Top Drag Queen.
I can't stand these type of people.
These are also the people who describe themselves as "bootylicious" or "curvy".
No, bitch, you're just fat. Actually, in most cases, you are overweight/obese. So quit raising yourself so high on that damn pedestool ya got there and see yourself for what you really are: a sorry excuse for a person who thinks that primping themselves up, wearing designer clothes, and treating others like shit will overshadow that fact that their ass is the size of the entire continental U.S.
Thank you.


  1. Completely agree with you on the "bootylicious" fat girls who think they are the hottest thing out there! Like, no, actually your just trying to make yourself feel better by acting so tough and overly confident. And also, the fat girls who make fun of skinny girls for being thin, just need to get over themselves! Their just jealous they can't fit into skinny jeans! :p

    and again thanks for the link, I'm more than halfway through the book and it's great.
    Take care!<3

  2. Gah, I can't stand those types of people either!

    I liked this post <3
    xx v

  3. haha I know exactly what you mean. They're the same girls who say, "REAL women have curves."
    uh.. those aren't curves they're rolls. lol

  4. hahahaha i hate bitches like that, they think they're all that and a bag of hot potato chips lol sometimes they're so pathetic they make me laugh.

  5. Love your blog!

    Thanks for the follow ,sweetie! stay strong!

    Much Love =]


  6. Hahaha, chicks like that are just so daft. It's like they're ignorant to their own body. Or they just like living in denial. It's kind of sad.. But hey, if they like being obese, whatever :/

    Love your posts Saphira!! :)

  7. Instinctive eating is great... I don't know many people who follow it who ever eat square meals. That says something!

  8. Ugh, I hate girls like that. They're all deluded.

  9. Haha, America's Next Top Drag Queen, that's freaking hilarious! I agree, personality makes all the difference!

    I have nothing against overweight people (heck, I was there too once), but it's the overweight/obese people who think they're so much better than everyone & treat others like crap that makes me hate them so much.

    And I guess that goes to show that you can have really nice, expensive clothes but you can still look awful- either because they're 10 sizes too small, or their personality just makes them so ugly & despicable.

    My aunt's sort of the same way. She tries waaay too hard, squeezes herself into clothes meant for someone MUCH smaller than her, and what does she do? She slaps her gut hanging over her pants saying, "I'm not overweight, I'm healthy & curvy!" It takes all of my energy to be like, "No,'re just really fat."

    I just discovered your blog the other day & really enjoy reading it =)

  10. "No bitch, you're just fat."
    That line just made my day.
    You're absolutely right. And especially when they have a big enough ego to call THINNER people FAT. Sorry girl, but I think you need some fucking glasses.

    That pisses me off sooo damn much, because I know dozens of girls like this, and they don't deserve to act in such a way.

  11. Ahahaha! Thank you! I feel the exact same way but am always afraid that I'm just being too judgmental or bitchy! :D Those girls are always calling everyone fat and talking down to people. And then squeezing into sizes WAY too small *shudder*
    I've known girls who were flat out obese and claimed they were the same size as me, its so silly and frustrating.
    Anyways, great post ; )


  12. i've discovered that fat people generally have a fat attitude as well.