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Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, I fasted for 3 days and you know what my reward was? BLOATEDNESS! And not only that, but a freakin weight GAIN??!! That can't be right.
So, I spent today cleansing with loads of water and prune-juice and I'm going for a workout tomorrow. I can't believe my body reacted this way to a fast...has anyone else expirienced this? I feel as though my efforts totally backfired and it's so discouraging but I'm gonna hold my head up high and trudge on. The goal is 130 by the end of this month...I HAVE to do it. That's about 10lbs. Do any of you lovely ladies have any tips on things I can do to lose this shit fast WITHOUT bloating?? I just can't believe it.
I'm gonna do another fast in 5 days. During these 5 days I want to drop at least 2lbs. I hope I can...anyways, thank you all for the comments. YES, I read them, and I try to comment on your blogs, but I'm naturally a lazy person and today, with all this disappointment, I can't be bothered =( Sorry lovelies. Any advice to see the scale make it's way back down would be highly appreciated <3


  1. You can do it! I know you can. I don't know what advice to give other people.. But maybe I can just share what I do? Um, well.. If I have something to eat, it's usually always in the morning, that way your body is burning off all the calories during the day. Then I excercise in the afternoon or at night - I read somewhere that it burns like 10% more calories than any other time because your body is warmed up. Im not sure, you could check it out I guess. But that's pretty much all I do. And I don't consume more than 800cal a day annnddd I excersise about 3-5 times a week. Oh and of course, drink heaps of water. But you know that ;)

    I hope that helps lovely!!

    Love love,

  2. that's terrible!
    it maybe your time of month or maybe water weight. just drink water when you are thirsty and hydrating yourself. see if that helps.
    stay strong
    ♥ idil

  3. Sorry to hear you gained, that sucks big time! I don't really know why you would be bloated though, what sort of fast did you go on?
    Personally, I've never experienced bloating when on/after a fast.
    Prune juice seems a good way to go though.
    Good luck!

  4. yeah fasting can cause numerous side effects. dont worry, it'll go away within time. its waterweight. try drinking more water and some fruits can actually help with water weight, unless your still fasting.
    take care <333