shamone, baby.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


That's how I've decided to start a new, fresh month. With a binge.
Fuck me. Like, seriously.
This is what I binged on: a burger, milk, 1 cinnamon bun, tea, a McFlurry. All of this alone totals to ~1500-700 calories. On top of the 600ish calories I consumed prior to the binge. >.<
I have to keep telling myself -- I KNOW I WON'T GAIN A SINGLE POUND FROM ONE MISTAKE. But in my mind, I know I've fucked up. And you know how I punish myself? Prune-fucking-juice. Why that? Because 1. I do not purge for I have basically no gag reflex, and the side-effects of purging ARE JUST NOT WORTH IT. 2. I don't take laxatives. I try to avoid any type of drugs when I can. Including pills, coughsyrup, you name it. I just hate them.
So, I use the natural laxitative qualities of prune juice.
Does it work? Yes. Does it clean out my system 100%? Probably not. But, since I'm not eating for the rest of the day, most of those calories should be out of my system.
On a happier note, I am 1lb away from my next goal of 140lbs.
My parents freaked today because they saw my collar bones. How do you explain to your parents that you tend to carry most of your weight on your lower body and not your upper? They wouldn't have any of it. And I think that's what triggered my binge. Oh well. I still have 30 days left to the month not to fuck up so here's to that.
p.s. Another hello to my new followers. I hope you lovely ones are doing well =)

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