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Thursday, August 12, 2010

FAST - Take 2

Okay, just dropping by to let you lovelies know that I will be doing a 3 day water fast starting tomorrow. This is not a real post, that'll be tomorrow, but if anyone wants to join me -- feel free! I shall not have another bloating episode like last time...if I do, I'll be pissed haha. I promise to reply to all your fabulous comments in tomorrow's post! Until then, much love!


  1. Ugh, Saphira! If only you were doing this when school was in session, and I totally would have joined you. :( I'm still on summer break and so my mother is constantly feeding me. Good luck.

  2. Good luck on your 3-day water fast! I've always heard that water fasting is the most difficult but you reap the most benefits from.

    Hopefully you won't go through another bloating episode afterwards. I becoming bloated when I fast because my weight stays the same & it feels like all the hard work you put into not eating just goes to waste!

  3. i think i might join you in this fast! although i'll prob do liquid instead of strictly water (carnation instant breakfast). i really like to have some protein after the gym

  4. Good luck!
    I'll not be eating due to adderall, not really because it's what I'm aiming to do. I wouldn't call it a fast but, no food will be involved. If you need support though, I'm here for you. :]